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tert-Butyllithium (TBL) in Heptane
Market: Fine Chemicals
SubMarket: Alkyllithiums and Aryllithiums
CAS #: 594-19-4
Description: This formulation of t-butyllithium (TBL) in heptane, while still pyrophoric has a significantly higher flash point than the traditional pentane formulation. TBL is particularly useful in lithium-halogen exchange reactions. TBL can be used as a strong base in organic synthesis. TBL is more reactive than the t-butyl Grignard reagent in nucleophilic additions to carbonyl and nitrile substrates. TBL is also useful in the displacement of halide or alkoxide ligands of inorganic compounds, such as Phosphorus, Silicon, Tin, and Titanium. References: The Chemistry of Organolithium Compounds, ed. Zvi Rappoport and Ilan Marek, Wiley, 2004, West Sussex, England